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Baby proofing is a worthwhile investment...offering you peace of mind. We take the worry out of baby proofing. Be Safe Baby Proofers offers a level of expertise and experience to clients. We know what works and what does not work. We spend time researching products and offer the very best that is available on the market. We brainstorm ideas with clients and work at creating solutions. 

What do your services include?

Be Safe Baby Proofers offer in-home baby proofing/child safety consultations, home hazard education, product recommendations and installation of our recommended baby proofing devices with the goal of preventing child injury and giving parents peace of mind. The process begins with a home survey where I will walk through the home with you and discuss all the areas that are potentially dangerous.  At this time, you can also show me your areas of concern and I can point out things that you may have missed.  I will determine the best product or solution for each problem that is identified and will also take proper measurements as needed.  Following the visit with you, I will map out a plan by providing you with a written estimate of the products I recommend, along with a detailed Room by Room Plan of everything we discussed.

You can then go through the recommendations and decide whether or not you want to go with everything on the list or remove certain items and I can revise your quote. Once a decision has been made and you would like to move forward with your order, I would request a written authorization and a 30% deposit.  I will order any items that need to be special ordered and can schedule your installation at that time.

To schedule a home survey, please go to the Book a Consultation page and fill out the form.  You can also email or call / 310-879-5541. The home survey inspection takes up to two hours to complete, depending on the size of your home and/or your individual needs.  It is also important for you to be present during the home survey and be willing to walk through your home with me.

Is there a fee for the home survey consultation visit?

There is a non-refundable fee for the in-person home survey visit. 

  • Your address will determine if you are inside or outside of my 20-mile service area. I am very strategic about location and geography for obvious traffic and distance reasons. 

  • For clients within the service area, which comprises a 20-mile radius from West Los Angeles, the home survey consultation fee is $150.00, which includes the two-hour visit and a comprehensive write-up following the visit with your customized Price Quote Sheet and Room by Room Plan.

  • However, if you are located outside the service area, because of the added time and distance to get to and from your home, the consultation fee is as follows:  For clients between 20-30 miles, the fee is $190.00; and for clients between 30-40 miles, the fee is $230.00.

  • For clients beyond 40 miles from West Los Angeles, please email me and I can provide you with more information.

  • We are willing to do Saturday appointments. If interested in a Saturday, please be sure to ask.  The fees for a Saturday visit range from $200-$240 depending on the distance.

  • Furthermore, if additional time is needed beyond the initial two hour consultation visit, $50.00 will be added, at the conclusion of the home survey, for each additional hour thereafter. 

  • If you are outside of my service area a trip fee will be added onto your Price Quote Sheet to compensate me and my installers for the added time it will take us to travel to and from your home to complete the installation.

  • I walk room to room with you assessing all baby proofing needs and safety hazards and provide recommendations on how to remedy them. After the home visit, I will provide you with a detailed Room By Room Plan, along with a customized Price Quote Sheet.

Tell me about your gates?

I offer a selection of gates that can accommodate most indoor and outdoor spaces.  I will measure the space and determine the correct gate needed.  Gate selection includes pressure mounted gates, hard mounted gates, retractable gates, hearth gates, and configure gates for larger spaces.     


When do I need to baby proof my home?

The sooner you can baby proof, the better.  I recommend that you plan early and plan ahead because of our busy schedule.  I invite you to begin the process early and consider baby proofing your home sometime when your child is as young as two or three months old.  Planning in advance allows you ample time to get on our calendar and schedule.  But as soon as your child becomes mobile, baby proofing becomes a necessity.  Our current schedule is finding that it takes about 3 to 5 weeks to get a home survey date on the calendar and another 3 to 5 weeks to get an installation date on the calendar, should you decide to move forward with my installation services. 


I can find baby proofing products online. Why should I use you?

You are correct.  You can find many baby proofing products online.  However, the choices can be overwhelming and many parents do not have the time to research each product individually.  But I have!  Be Safe Baby Proofers has access to a wide variety of products from assorted manufacturers.  I have identified the safest products at competitive prices for each requirement. 


Do you have insurance?

Yes. Be Safe Baby Proofers is fully insured.


Do you work weekends?

We are willing to do a Saturday appointment.  If interested in a Saturday, please be sure to ask.  A higher home survey fee rate will apply.  

How long does the home survey and installation take?

The home survey can take up to 2 hours to complete.  However, if additional time is needed beyond the initial 2 hours, $50.00 will be added at the conclusion of the home survey for each additional hour thereafter. 


For the installation, I carefully calculate your installation and labor time based upon precise specifications on how long each item actually takes to install.  I will provide you with the best estimate possible on your Price Quote Sheet.  I do have a two-hour minimum on all installation and labor charges for at least two of us to be on-site.  I have three installers who work with me, so depending on the size and scope of your job, I could have one or more of my installers at a site.  I do not send my installers to a home without me, so my time is accounted for during the installation.   

Can we do some of the installation work to save on time and money?

Absolutely. You can install some or all of the products I recommend.  It is completely up to you. I can work with you on which products are easier to install than others.

Can your team install the gates and latches I already bought?

To guarantee the best quality, Be Safe Baby Proofers only installs products from our own product line.  We do not install products previously purchased by clients.

Do I have to purchase and install everything you recommend on your Price Quote Sheet?

Be Safe Baby Proofers conducts an extremely thorough evaluation of your home from top to bottom, and provides you with recommendations of all of the home hazard and child safety products for your consideration. It is completely up to you as to what products you want to purchase and have us install. 

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