This information is updated frequently as events change due to COVID-19  Below is the latest updated information regarding Be Safe Baby Proofers serving new clients as the County and City of Los Angeles modifies orders and restrictions: 

Please be sure to fill out the Book a Consultation Form below to request an IN-PERSON Home Survey Visit.


We are scheduling home survey appointments and installation jobs for March.

Our apologies in advance that we might not be able to meet your immediate needs.

I am happy to add you to a waitlist should I get a cancellation.


Be Safe Baby Proofers will respond to your inquiry within 12-24 hours. At that time a home survey date and time option will be provided. The proposed date and time can only be held for 24 hours before being released back into the calendar. I have been overwhelmed with client requests for home survey dates and unfortunately cannot hold dates past the 24-hour marker. Whether or not you decide to move forward, I would greatly appreciate you responding back within that allotted time frame, so I can formally confirm that date and time with you.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM ME WITHIN 12-24 HOURS, PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK OR SPAM FOLDERS.


So that you can plan accordingly, the process begins with a home survey where I will walk through your home with you and discuss all the areas that are potentially dangerous. You show me your concerns and I point out things you may have missed.  I determine the best product or solution for each problem and take proper measurements.  During the home survey visit with you, I will also provide you with valuable home hazards education information.  Please note that you must be present during the home survey and be willing to walk through your home with me.

  • Be Safe Baby Proofers continues to safely enter client homes, even with the recent COVID-19 restrictions.  We have done so strategically and carefully with all safety protocols and other safety measures in place to complete in-person home survey visits and installation jobs. 

  • Be Safe Baby Proofers will do everything to try and meet the needs of clients while still maintaining social distancing and without compromising the health of everyone involved.  

  • Be Safe Baby Proofers is more than happy to assist you with an in-person home survey.

  • We are meeting client needs on a first-come, first-serve basis. We greatly appreciate your patience during this unusually busy time and invite you to plan early and plan ahead.


  • Please note that at this time, I am also strategically and carefully re-enter client's homes with strict safety protocols and other strategic safety measures in place in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.  One of them is to avoid coming into contact with too many people on any given day.  As such, I am limiting my home exposure and my in-home visits to only one appointment per day (one home survey visit OR one installation job with my installers), so as not to inadvertently transfer anything from one home to another.  I am just letting new clients know this, as it is impacting my calendar and availability.  I greatly appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and patience during this very unusual time in our country’s history. 

  • If you are interested in the in-person home survey, you and I will walk through your home together, while maintaining 6 feet of social distance whenever possible. I will also ask that you and I both wear face coverings/masks and gloves (or wash hands frequently).  We will discuss all the areas that are potentially dangerous. I will determine the best product or solution for each “problem” that is identified and will also take proper measurements and pictures as needed.

  • The visit can take up to 2-hours to complete because the process is detailed, comprehensive, and thorough.

  • The visit includes expert consultation, home hazard education, valuable information, and product recommendations. Aside from the extensive and thorough two-hour visit, following the home survey visit, I will map out a plan by providing you with a written estimate of the products I recommend, along with a detailed Room By Room Plan of everything discussed.  You will receive your comprehensive and customized Price Quote Sheet and Room By Room Plan within 24-48 hours of the visit.

  • You can then go through the recommendations and decide whether you want to go with everything on the list or remove certain items and I can revise your quote.  Once a decision has been made and you would like to move forward with your order, I would request a written authorization and a 30% deposit.  I will order any items that need to be special ordered and can schedule your installation at that time.

  • There is also a non-refundable fee for the in-person home survey visit. 

    • Your address will determine if you are inside or outside of my 20-mile service area. I am very strategic about location and geography for obvious traffic and distance reasons. 

    • For clients within the service area, which comprises a 20-mile radius from West Los Angeles, the home survey consultation fee is $120.00, which includes the two-hour visit and a comprehensive write-up following the visit with your customized Price Quote Sheet and Room by Room Plan. 

    • However, if you are located outside the service area, because of the added time and distance to get to and from your home, the consultation fee is as follows:  For clients between 20-30 miles, the fee is $150.00 and for clients between 30-40 miles, the fee is $180.00.    

    • Furthermore, if additional time is needed beyond the initial two hour consultation visit, $50.00 will be added, at the conclusion of the home survey, for each additional hour thereafter. 

    • If you are outside of my service area a trip fee will be added onto your Price Quote Sheet to compensate me and my installers for the added time it will take us to travel to and from your home to complete the installation.

  • Should you decide to engage in my installation services following the home survey visit, based on my current calendar pacing, whenever you are ready to move forward, please realize that an installation date could be somewhere between 2 to 4 weeks from the time you make your decision and contact me to get that installation date on the calendar.

  • When you fill out the Book a Consultation form below, please provide your complete address (including city and zip code). ​

  • I am excited to meet with you and conduct your home survey. These are unprecedented times for all of us, especially for those of us who provide in-person and in-home services...and we are here to help make your little ones safe. 

Thank you for your interest in Be Safe Baby Proofers.

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